Wege der Heilung für Frauen

Guiding Women

For many years I have been deeply concerned with the question of a particular female way of healing. Through experiences in guiding women on their individual paths as well as through my own journey I have developed my personal unique healing work.

Women have different energy patterns than men, they feel and react differently. Therefore, women need different ways of bringing healing into their lives.

The female journey has its own rhythm and principals which develop slowly and in cycles.

For a woman on her healing journey it is not about learning skills and techniques but more about allowing herself to feel her depth and inner silence.

The Journey Into The Unknown

Many women are exhausted and tired because, in midst of coping with all their challenges, they have lost their natural connection to themselves. Now it is needed to look for a new balance between the daily live and a creative expression of ourselves. My work is dedicated to motivate and support women in regaining self awareness and to trust their inner voice. On our journey it is our intuition, together with a natural openness, that will guide us to unknown and hidden places within ourselves and this way back to our roots.

Many tales and myths from all around the world tell stories about these inner journeys. Even today  women return from these journeys inspired and fulfilled. Strengthened with new energy and their regained connection to their inner being they can now recreate their lives within their families, relationships, and working environment.

Family Fields

In order to unveil the hidden treasures within oneself it is necessary to find out what conception of womanhood is being proclaimed and transmitted within the family as well as the society in which we live. Behavioral patterns and the particular social roles that are being adopted unconsciously can often feel like a burden and lead to insecurity. Through guidance and coaching we can carefully begin to look at those unconscious patterns and become aware of them. Without judgement and discrimination, we will then recognize the roots and causes of certain family dynamics. Following this, specific situations and blockades can be understood on a deeper level.

Only with this understanding and accepting of one’s own story we can create the fundament that enables us to lead a self determined and responsible life.

As a result, the own femininity can naturally blossom from one’s inner being.