Spring Journey March 16 – 23, 2017

Ancient Mothers, Gaia and the Balance of Light

  • The Earth as a living Being
  • Gaia
  • The multidimensional space for experience
  • Equinox and the Balance of Light
  • Archetype Great Mother
  • The temple, body of the goddess
  • Cosmic Wisdom and astronomic knowledge
  • Isis-Sophia
  • Healing and Initiation
  • Threshold experiences in the temple
  • The healing sleep
  • The principle of transformation
  • Ancient Symbols: Vessel, spiral and snake

In special tours exclusively for our group we will witness the spring equinox in a megalithic temple close by the sea. This is when the light of the morning sun will shine through the entrance of the temple in a direct angle illuminating the main altar in the innermost part of the temple. We will witness the magical balance of day and night, light and darkness through the cosmic alignment of the Mnajdra temple. Today we can encounter this moment as one of pausing stillness and awareness of the beauty and wonder of life.

Other stops on our journey will be the most important temples and sites of the Maltese megalithic culture. These are: Ggantija, Hagar Qim, Ta Hagrat.

The archeological museum in Valletta and on Gozo.

We will also visit some churches with a unique energy and power: St John’s CoCathedral, Mosta Rotunda, Ta’Pinu, the Cathedral at Victoria on Gozo.

We will stay at mindfully selected and typical Maltese hotels and will travel with our own minibus.

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