Trauma-Arbeit mit Constance Strecke

Understanding Trauma

What is a trauma? Trauma, in our understanding, means the reaction of the body to a deeply overwhelming and life threatening incident.

Those incidents can arise from both our own history or the history of our family. Some examples are: The loss of someone close to us, as well as experiencing war, fight, violence, or sexual abuse. But also accidents, medical intervention, a stressful birth (situation), or being neglected as a child and adolescent can cause a trauma.

According to renown trauma therapist Peter Levine traumatic experiences do not primarily have to do with the incident itself but more with the body’s reaction to this event. When humans find themselves in a threatening situation, by evolution, they either react in a so called “fight or flight” impulse, or with complete numbness. When this biologically automatized reaction is not relieved after the threat has been overcome it is possible that different syndromes of stress will occur (e.g. PTSD – Post-traumatic stress disorder). This is where trauma work is needed.

Trauma – Healing

In my work, the client can experience a safe and secure space where everything that has happened in his or her life can just be, without judgement or discrimination. Everyone has unique resources of self healing! Together we slowly, carefully, and with attentiveness start to come in contact with these deep resources. This is when your personal healing process will happen! Once your resources are integrated they are the key for the next step on your healing journey: To come in contact with your inner strength and soul wisdom.

Through exercises in body awareness, sensations, and inner images the client will learn how to free himself or herself from the negative and weakening consequences of the trauma. What has been held on to for so long can finally been released, inducing stiffness becoming a flow again.

It is a life changing experience when you feel how all the suffering can be transformed into a deeper feeling of awareness, compassion, and a fulfilling understanding of life.