The temple complexes on Malta and Gozo are among the oldest free standing buildings in the history of mankind. These megalithic temples were built during the neolithic period many centuries prior to the construction of the Egyptian Pyramids. Recent studies show that during this neolithic period (4000 – 2500 BC) people practiced a culture based on peace and equality. The temples were built to honor the Great Mother Earth who embodied cosmic wisdom to be found in in all Beings. The ground plans of those colossal buildings resemble the round body features of the figures found among the ruins. Until today the knowledge of the goddess is still uniquely conserved in those sculptured stone complexes.

The mysteries of Birth and Death, Life, and Transformation can be found carved into stone – unique experiences of threshold.

At the same time, through their alignments with the cosmic principles of Sunlight, the temple complexes create an axis to the two equinoxes and solstices that reoccur each year.