For the past 6 years I’ve been leading women on special seminars to the Holy Temples of the neolithic Goddesses in Malta. This year I’ve added a new spot to my map of sacred places: Porto Salvi (eng. “Safe Haven”) sits just atop the cliffs on the wild Mediterranean coast of Catalonia. This is where our women’s retreat will take place.

When we are born our life force is limitless. We are beings of infinite liveliness. But growing up we realise that by conforming to our family field and the socio-cultural circumstances part of this liveliness gets suppressed. We feel that we cannot allow ourselves to live our most inner essence and bring it into the world.

My journey of guiding women on their unique life and healing paths started 15 years ago. I motivate and support women to listen to their inner voice and reconnect to their authentic individuality.

Our life force is the creative expression of our individual essence of being. When we feel completely alive we are most connected with our authentic selves.

I want to invite you on a journey to yourself to find that limitless life force again. We will create a space for meditation, sound healing, body exercises and practices in nature.

We will also carefully heal our family field. And spoil ourselves with Ayurvedic full body massages to integrate this healing experience on all layers.

This paves the way for a deep process of transformation. As women we are deeply connected with the female creative energies. Offering them to the world opens a space for peaceful healing.

Porto Salvi, Catalonia

10.-16. November 2019

6 Nights Double Room incl. Ayurveda full board and 3 Ayurveda massages: €841,00

6 Nights Single Room incl. Ayurveda full board and 3 Ayurveda massages: €967,00

Seminar fee: €460,00 (if you would like to take part however can’t due to financial situation please contact me)

Plus personal travel costs

Booking until 20th July 2019



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