Heilarbeit mit Constance Strecke

all kinds of movements create beauty – being aware of this beauty is compassion

About My Healing Work

Life  is a continuous creative process and it is also an embodiment of a spiritual reality. Therefore the biography of every human is an individual expression of a creative, artistic, and spiritual journey within.

For many years now I am accompanying my clients through life periods of transformation, self development, and healing. The core element of my work is supporting people through their individual journeys to overcome extraordinary challenges and times of crisis.

It takes courage and trust in order to allow ourself to take the first steps on our personal journey of transformation and healing.

My work entails coaching in all kinds of life challenges.

I also offer consultations, especially to parents and their children. To work with and for women is a main issue of my personal life path.

The Ways Of Healing Are Diverse 

Everyone is unique and therefore holds very unique  resources of self healing and self transformation within themselves. In the past 15 years I experienced and studied a great variety of different ways of healing by accompanying my clients. Healing needs awareness and lovepatience and time before our own ability of self healing can develop into a powerful resource throughout our life path. This is why the first step of my accompanying guidance is to carefully build up individual resources which will then be integrated into the inner being. Only then we can focus on those issues and aspects of life that have caused the crisis. These can be resulting of internal or external changes and circumstances in our lives.

In the field of trauma healing these are quite often overwhelming experiences of one’s own life or part of a personal family history.

Healing Always Happens Individually

Every journey of healing and transformation is always deeply connected to our own life and family story as well as our personal purpose in life. Integrating the family field and its dynamic is therefore another important element of my work. Which aspects can be regarded as a “valuable heritage”  and which aspects can be respectfully returned to the family field? Full of compassion and respect for all facets and events of our existence we can then develop the strength to lead a self determined and affirmative fulfilling life.

I’m working differently with women, with men, as well as with children and adolescents.

The islands Malta and Gozo in the Mediterranean Sea are special and unique healing places. I’m offering regular Seminar Tours to both places here.

You can read more about this on my blog.