The knowledge and wisdom of the Great Mother Earth – Gaia is uniquely preserved within the Maltese prehistoric temple sites as well as in the landscape of the islands where it can still be experienced today.

Over the past decades in the Western world there has been a big shift away from the knowledge about the more profound laws of life. Through the exploitation and destruction of nature and the environment, estrangement and isolation violence have become the norm and wars are fought all around the world.

But through the archetype of the Great Mother the wisdom about the profound laws of life still survived, woven into tales, myths, and dreams.

Threshold times: Today it is more important than ever to return consciously to the understanding of Earth as a living being, learning from her, protecting her and feeling ourselves to be part of her (Gaia Consciousness).

Slovenian artist and geomant Marko Pogacnik has developed several exercises and methods within his earth healing program to build a connection to gaia (

This connection to Mother Earth brings transformational potential and energies to us that have a healing effect on us and society as a whole.

To read the Earth through listening, perceiving, and feeling opens a door to a multidimensional existence. In the Maltese archipelago it is possible to directly and first handily come into contact with those creational powers (Seminar Tour).