Heilarbeit mit Kindern und Jugendlichen

Guiding And Accompanying Children 

Most of the children whom I am guiding are experiencing difficulties with studying and learning. Often their parents have already sought different forms of therapies and advice, though feeling that this was not enough. They are additionally searching for a holistic understanding of their child.

Every child is unique! To give space to his/her individuality to let him/her grow is the core of my work. Children want to show themselves, they want to be seen, since they are new individualities in the world.


Children are travelers on the way into the world. As adults it is our responsibility and task to support them in order for them to find good conditions and settle landmarks on their life journey. They can then joyfully and with curiosity discover, learn, and even tackle difficult situations and circumstances.

Openness And Trust

Children need us to be open and honest in order for them to gain self confidence and trust so they can bravely make their way into life. In the first meetings I slowly build up the trust between the child and me. This happens playfully, we will draw and paint as well as use play figures to simulate certain situations. In this safe and secure space the child is able to fully show himself or herself, he or she senses that there are no expectations that have to be fulfilled or exercises to master.

The next step is a talk between the parents and me. Only then I invite the parents to discuss the child’s progress. Just as their children parents also need openness that they can share and express their worries and fears. They need support to accept the challenge of growing with their child.

The background of the family field and certain incidents of the past are often important in order to gain a holistic understanding of the family.

Concentration And Attention

When it is difficult for a child to concentrate and focus its attention on a certain matter I will firstly discuss my approach with the parents. During the many years of experience I developed a method that combines knowledge of dyslexia with aspects of neurobiology as well as elements of personal healing. This way the child will be best accompanied through the process of „learning how to learn“ in order to experience and feel him/ herself as a co-creator of the world.

Guiding Adolescents/Teens

In their teenage years young boys and girls are searching for orientation. They already developed skills on their journey into the world. And this is the moment when they are ready for some existential questions, such as Who Am I? Where Do I Want To Go? Where is my Place in the World? What is my Purpose In The World? What Do I Take With Me From my Family, What Do I Leave Behind? Adolescents are looking for challenges and seeking for responsibilities.

Dreams And Aspirations

Expectations of the family and society are often in conflict with their own dreams and wishes. In the centre of my work with teenagers therefore stands support of the young adults to become aware of those aspirations as well as gaining strength by discovering the unique resources in their own family.

Traumatic Experiences

If adolescents have experienced any form of trauma or if they are coming from a difficult family background they will first get trauma therapeutic support.  In order to then follow the own life stream it is necessary to support the young peoples how to overcome the traumatic experiences. Following this they will reconnect with their self confidence and their own personal power.